Factory Five Roadster - Kit ArrivalYou've been patient and the day is finally here.  The semi truck is parked in front of your house and a slightly grumpy driver is almost as anxious as you to get your kit off his truck.  Have your shop ready and keep things business like.  If you're like me you'll be like a little kid dancing around on Christmas morning anxious to open every package.  Don't do it.  That comes later.

Factory Five Roadster - Kit Arrival

Consider having a couple friends in attendance in case you need help. If you're like me and want pictures to document the occasion have one of those friends do it. You'll be busy helping the driver and he ain't gonna appreciate your selfie duck face anyway.

The driver will have manifest sheets that you'll want to check as he unloads boxes.  This isn't a detailed inventory of the contents.  Each box is numbered and you're just making sure you get every box on the manifest.  This is important so have some writing utensils on hand.  If a box is missing the driver will confirm it and you'll use the manifest to call Factory Five and let them know.


Factory Five Roadster - Kit Arrival

He'll be using a big wheeled cart to transport boxes from his truck to your space so make sure he has a wide cleared path to wherever you're unloading.  Your chassis, chassis aluminum, and body are delivered sort of assembled to save space.  

Factory Five delivery - Goofy Ass Driving picture

Lastly consider some kind of tip for the driver.  I've heard of anywhere between $50 - $100.  I did $75 and a box of awesome cookies from Torrance Bakery.  He seemed pleased. 

My delivery guy put my chassis/body on the same cart and it was pretty tricky getting it up the driveway.  I had a buddy present to lend a hand.  The driver will also help you get you get your chassis/body mounted on your jack stands or other type of stand provided it's not too elaborate.  

Oh one more thing.  By tradition once the driver is gone you must find your steering wheel, climb in the car, make broom-broom noises while someone takes a pic.  Then you gotta post it online so everyone can make fun of you.