wheelsnwaves tnThis is a great show in Malibu.  It used to be in front of Malibu Kitchen but has moved to the Peet's Coffee lot across the street.  I like this location a bit better as it offers a bit more shelter from through traffic giving it a more exclusive feeling.  Fireball Tim and the guys with him are very active making sure things are organized and folks enjoy themselves.  The show happens the third Sunday of every Month year round from 7:00am to 9:00am.  Peet's Coffee of course supplies the morning go-juice with nice patio seating where you can relax and watching the goings on.  A DJ plays good music and interacts with attendees keeping things lively.  Celebrities are known to attend so that adds some interest as well.  Fireball Tim does a rad show and I'm gonna try to make every one.  BTW check out Fireball Tim's vlog.

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