peninsulacandc tnThis is a little complicated.  So the old Peninsula Seniors Cars & Coffee gathering was taken over but the PV concourse folks (I think).  They started hosting it on the top parking deck of the nearby PV Promenade mall.  That was pretty good but the parking lot wasn't nearly as nice.  Also the Starbucks was down several flights of stairs and never seemed to be able to keep up with the crowds.  Then Covid hit and since it's an "organized" event it was shut down completely.  Several months later and despite allowing a friggin craft fair they're still not allowing us back into the new spot.  Screw it.  A bunch of us decided to show up at the old location at the old time (7am) and get coffee and pastries at the nearby Starbucks.  We've just started doing this so there isn't nearly as many cars showing up but we're spreading the word.  Come join us while we enjoy cars, coffee and pastries and collectively thumb our mask covered noses at the death spore.