The following is as complete a collection of my build photos as I can manage.  They are organized in logical groups instead of chronologically to make it easier to find pictures of components you might be interested in.  The photos in these groups are organized contextually first, chronologically second.  As I progress in the build and have time I'll be adding photos to the various groups.  Have a root around and enjoy.

FFR Build School at Mott Community CollegeI attended the FFR Build School at Mott Community College.  I have a good mechanic background but nothing specific to this build.  In 3 days we built a MKIV FFR roadster and it filled the gaps in my confidence more than anything else.  By the end of school I was raring to go.  

FFR Roadster Kit ArrivalThe end of a long wait!  The first of many exciting moments during the build.  The truck was full when it left FFR's shop in Wareham, MA and of course mine was the last delivery.  Makes me wonder if it'll see as many miles when built as it saw on its way to me.

Body BuckGotta put your body somewhere and a properly built body buck supports your body properly and makes it easy to move it around as you build the rest of the car.

FFR Roadster Aluminum DocumentationMarking, taping, and photographing every panel on the car before removal is the best way to create a reference for how the panels are supposed to fit.  During my build I can't count the number of times I've referred to this collection of pictures.

FFR Roadster Fuel SystemGotta feed the beast and I had to do it my way.  I built a low pressure return style fuel system using a custom high flow in-tank pump, Stainless 1/2" feed and 3/8" return, Holley FPR, stainless braided Ultraflex, and a few other trick bits. 

FFR Roadster BrakesWhen it comes to brakes I'm a size queen.  I installed a full manual brake system using 13" slotted rotor 6 piston Wilwoods up front and 12.5" slotted rotor 4 piston Wilwoods in the back.  The emergency brake system is a custom setup with help from IPSCO.  

FFR Roadster BrakesLots of adjustment and subtle custom made panels here.  Panels are finished in silver hammertone powder coating from Tiger Drylac.  Unfortunately the shop that did it is now closed thanks to the jackasses at the AQMD.  Bostik is used throughout the build for sealing and adhering panels.

FFR Roadster Competition DashMy competition dash which I prefer over the included street dash.  My buddy CADed up a nice comp dash design, cut and bent a few of em, and I got to reap the benefit. Groovy.

FFR Roadster Engine427 cubes, 570hp - That's a spicy meatball!  Features Dart SHP block and Pro 1 CNC heads, Scat forged rotating assembly, Comp Cams rockers and cam, Edelbrock RPM Airgap, Holley Ultra HP 750.  Built and dynoed by QMP Racing in Chatsworth, CA.  

FFR Roadster Throttle Pedal and LinkageIncluded FFR gas pedal is poot.  Throttle cables are poot.  I started with a Russ Thompson gas pedal but I had to take it farther.  Pedal itself is stainless.  Arm and linkage geometry are set to create a nice controllable throttle curve.  Important on a 570hp 90" wheelbase car.

FFR Roadster Cooling SystemPretty standard setup with some shiny bits.  Edelbrock high performance water pump, aluminum Kirkham surge tank, silicone hoses, custom stainless piping, Afco radiator, and a zinc anode in the drain plug.

FFR Roadster ExhaustSuck squeeze bang and now blow.  Custom stainless headers from Stainless Headers.  Ceramic plating by Nitroplate.  Standard FFR stainless side pipes until they blow out (guaranteed).

FFR Roadster Body and PaintSuspension is Independent front and rear with few modifications.  All mounts use spherical bearings including the rear knuckles which use the Whitby Motorcars IRS Spherical Bearing Kit.  Front anti sway bar is the standard Vintage Performance Motorcars unit and the rear is my design manufactured by VPM and now sold as the "Frito" IRS bar.  

FFR Roadster InsulationMotor makes a lot of heat and I wanna keep it out of the passenger compartment.  Cockpit insulation is now defunct EZ Cool.  Engine bay uses Thermo-Tec insulation.  

FFR Roadster Body and PaintBodywork and paint done by Da Bat, Jeff Miller who has done 100's of these and has vast experience with all the stupid quirks of this body.  The guy is a magician.

FFR Roadster Body and PaintWasn't satified with any of the available trim ring options so I made my own.  I also wanted to make the passenger side roll bar removable so the trim rings needed blanks to cover the holes.  Had my smart daughter help me CAD up the rings and a local water jet place do the cutting.  A whole lot of filing, sanding, and polishing later and you see the results.